We are a community-run market providing local products from family farms located primarily in Monterey County, Ca and surrounding areas.

Join us in nourishing your connection to your community with food and hand-made products you trust from farmers and artisans you know!

Know Your Farmer
Organic standards have made significant improvements by reducing the volume of chemicals used in farming systems, which has significantly improved the impact of farming on the environment and improved the working conditions of the many employees who are exposed on a daily basis to a farm’s practices (let us not forget the trace elements of materials those employees are no longer bringing home to their young families).

However, the current organic standards do not guarantee a level of sustainability, biodiversity or food justice. Organic standards across the board do not require consistent pay or working conditions, nor does organic certification eliminate the reality that dishonest farmers and/or middlemen exist and are financially rewarded for cheating.

The certified organic seal has its benefits, but it does not certify that the food you are eating was grown with methods you expect. The only way for you to do this is to know your farmer and trust the level of transparency they are providing you. Think beyond organic. This is why Di Vita Organic does it’s due diligence on every farm and company we work with.